Sponsor A Child Program

Through a non-profit organization, Espoir, A School of Life, you can now sponsor a child in need in the following ways: 

Novice Champ Donor

$108 per year per child

As a champion of learning, your support focuses on teaching children valuable life skills. You aid in providing digital materials, laboratory supplies, basic tools for beginners in different types of trades such as agriculture, baking, craft making, soap and dishwashing. This opportunity provides the children to gain experience, knowledge and skills that will help them in their future. 

Nurturer Donor

$195 per year per child

As a care-giving soul, you help nurture young minds. The program provides the children with healthy snacks, nutritious lunch and access to basic health care. The children receive a hygiene kit, regular food provision, and supplemental vitamins. It also guarantees medical attention in case of emergencies. 

Altruistic Donor

$337 per year per child

As a generous heart concerned for the well-being of children, you ensure the provision of school supplies, personal kits, and teaching support. This program ensures that children have access to quality education to develop their academic potential and life skills

Grand Donor

$640 per year per child

As a big-hearted person, you guarantee the holistic development and sustenance for quality education, basic health care, and Life Skills of the child you are supporting.

Heart For Home is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.